Universal Access
Holland Park Kindergarten is a Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Program provider, entitled to claim the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme on behalf of children enrolled at our Centre. This funding is allocated on a per child basis and is only provided to eligible aged children for the equivalent of one 15 hour per week program, for a minimum of 40 weeks per year. The policy of Universal Access to Kindergarten ensures all children receive the benefit of attending a Kindergarten Program.

If your child is attending another kindergarten program and that program is claiming the funding for your child you will not be able to claim the funding at this service and are therefore not eligible for placement whilst there are children on our waiting list who are not attending a funded kindergarten program. Should the Kindergarten have no eligible children on the waiting list, we could offer the placement and upon acceptance you would be required to pay full fees for the Kindergarten Program.

QKFS Plus Kindy Support Subsidy
The QKFS Plus Subsidy is provided directly to the Kindergarten to reduce out-of-pocket expenses for eligible families. Parents are required to pay the enrolment deposit in full and the extended kindy hour’s term fee co-payment if they are attending the Monday Group. To be eligible for the QKFS Plus Kindy Support a family must either:
– hold a current Health Care Card, Veterans Affairs Card or Australian Government Pension Concession card with automatic Health Care Card entitlements, or
– identify as Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or South Sea Islander (or have a child who does), or
– have three or more children, of the same age, enrolled in the same year.

You can download the Holland Park Kindergarten 2021 QKFS Statement of Fees here.