Our Kindergarten waiting lists are available for families to put their children’s names down from birth. Children must be 4 years of age by June 30th in the year they attend to be eligible for entry to our program. To add your child’s details to the list you must pay a non-refundable administration fee of $20.

The enrolment process commences in Term 2 the year prior to entry. Places are offered in accordance with our Enrolment Policy. When the enrolment offer is emailed to you, you will have the opportunity to indicate your preference of group. We only have 22 places available in each group. Whilst we would love to accommodate everyone’s preference, we are limited to the number of places physically available. 

An annual enrolment deposit must be paid to secure your child’s position once you have accepted the enrolment invitation. The enrolment deposit is $305.50, and is comprised of the following:

Annual Membership Fee – $5.50 is paid to the Holland Park Kindergarten Association. As an Incorporated Association, each family must become a member to access our services;

Resource Levy – $100 is to supply resources for your child for the year. This includes items like paper, paint, collage materials and toilet paper for example;

Maintenance Levy – $100 is to ensure the continued upkeep of our grounds – to look after the trees, replace the sand in the sandpit, replenish mulch and soft-fall etc;

Volunteer Levy – $100 will be refunded at the completion of the kindergarten year refunded if you participate in a minimum of 8 hours volunteer rostered time including, working bees, fundraising events, and/or been an integral member of the Management Committee.

The enrolment deposit can be paid in instalments if required, and is fully refundable if your enrolment is withdrawn before the 31st October.