Program and practice

Through play each child develops their own potential, being encouraged, supported and guided to follow their interests as enquirers, thinkers and researchers. Like life, all learning occurs within a social context. Our practice is based on an approach of Engagement not Entertainment. We value play as an important learning medium for children, providing many open ended opportunities and learning experiences in which children can create and construct their ideas. This supports thinking and skill development within a social context. Children and adults scaffold their knowledge and understanding on each other, sharing a balance of input. Interactions with people, materials and places are highly valued.

We believe we have a responsibility to help children question, problem solve and take an active role in and responsibility for their learning. We want to support children to be seekers in learning and not to be passive bystanders. We aim to create a place for children, families, staff and community visitors to feel connected, have a sense of belonging and form partnerships.

We aim to create an environment that values play and enables children to wonder, create, co-construct and be consulted. We aim to create a place that is flexible with materials and programming to cater for the strengths, needs, interests and backgrounds of all children. We aim to create a place that supports and implements sustainable practices. We aim to provide an environment where children have opportunities to connect with a natural outdoor environment.


We welcome to our centre the input of parents and community members to enrich our program. We recognise that parents are their child’s first teacher and see the centre as an extension of the child’s world and learning opportunities.

Together with parents we map and follow, support and celebrate the development of each child during the course of their pre-prep year.


Our Kindergarten offers a Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Program which is available as a pre-prep year for children who turn 4 by June 30th in the year they attend. We operate two separate programs with two groups of 22 children. One group attends Mondays and Tuesdays from 8am to 6pm. Our second group attends Thursdays, Fridays and alternate Wednesdays from 8.45am to 2.45pm. Both groups follow the Queensland State School Terms and Public Holidays are recognised. Fees are paid on a per term basis and are set annually.

Warm Weather Timetable

Monday Group 08:00 / Friday Group 08:45 Outside play – There are countless areas for the kids to explore-from our reticulated creek, to the digging pit, the tree houses, large sandpit, open lawn and play structures. The teachers plan obstacle courses and other activities in this setting to develop many areas of the children’s physical development as well as facilitating socio dramatic play.
10:00 Morning Tea – Our Kindy has a healthy food policy. Whilst at pre-prep please do not pack foods that carry a high sugar or salt content. We have a water cooler for the children to have access to at meal times and throughout the day.
10:30 Puzzles and Planning Time – Children tackle puzzles of various complexities at this time and plan for the play inside. At this planning time the children scaffold their knowledge through the sharing of their understandings and knowledge.
11:00 Inside Play – We enjoy setting the room up for the children with inviting displays and learning areas both inside and out on our covered area. During this time, the children are able to engage in play that provides opportunities to apply and develop social skills, fine motor skills, research skills, thinking and communication skills.
12:15 Music and Story Time – Stories and music are an integral part of our programming and do occur throughout other times in the program, however this is a designated time for us to share songs/games and stories/poems/rhymes.
12:30 Lunch – The children bring along their own lunches which are kept refrigerated at Kindy. We do not share food due to allergies and food intolerances.
13:00 Rest Time – The children can listen to stories or music or enjoy quiet activities from our rest time activity basket. All children are encouraged to lie down and rest, but not necessarily to sleep.
14:00 Culminating activities – The day’s activities and discoveries are discussed and the following day is outlined. The children may also use this time to add items to their portfolios. Part way through the year the children are encouraged to bring along an interest item to share in our Sharing Circles at this time.
Friday Group 14:45 Going home time. We ask that all children be collected promptly at this time. Legally we are not covered to care for children after this time. Prompt collection of children is also appreciated by staff who have cleaning and prepartion tasks, meetings and planning after this time.
Monday Group 15:30 – 18:00 Extended Kindy Hours Program activities – The program runs on a flexible routine which includes afternoon tea, outside play, group/story time and inside play. We provide activities and experiences to the children which will enhance and develop key skills such as social, fine and gross motor, communication and cognitive skills as well as encouraging their imagination and creativity to shine through.

Cold Weather Timetable

Activities are similar to those undertaken in the warmer months, with a slight increase in time spent indoors.

08:00 Indoor table top activities
08:30 Group time and indoor play
10:00 Tidy and morning tea
10:30 Outdoor play
12:00 Music and Story Time
12:40 Lunch
13:00 Rest time
14:15 Afternoon activities as above