Welcome to Holland Park Kindergarten’s Playgroup information page. Playgroups are becoming increasingly important as a source of social contact and community support, as well as providing your young child with an important source of recreation. Contact with other children of similar ages provides the opportunity to discuss parenting problems, form friendships and generally interact in a friendly and supportive environment. Playgroup enables families to learn, develop and socialise within our community in a fun, relaxed and safe environment. We are pleased to have you join us and hope you and your child will enjoy your time with us each fortnight.

Objectives and Philosophy

“Engaging and growing with the community”
Holland Park Kindergarten aims to actively support the growth and development of our community, with consideration given to the needs of children and families. The prime objective of HPK’s Playgroup is to provide a playgroup environment that will meet the needs of families, caregivers and children within our community and to be responsive to these changing needs. Holland Park Kindergarten is committed to equality of educational, recreational, and social opportunity. All people have the right to participate in an environment free from discrimination. It is our belief that all families regardless of race, religion, culture, colour, creed, sex, or abilities have the right to a good quality service within a homely, safe, caring, comfortable environment.


Our main aim for you and your children while in playgroup is to provide you with a safe, friendly and stimulating environment. Together we will provide a balance between structured and unstructured child initiated and adult supported experiences for you and your children to do together using a range of equipment and materials, including improvised equipment and natural materials both indoors and outdoors. Playgroup is parent run. Group Coordinators are appointed in each group – these are the spokespeople for the group. These individual volunteers should not be seen as running the group. The groups operate as a team – organising activities and cleaning together as a group. Please remember that while attending playgroup you are responsible for your children’s safety and security.

Playgroup Sessions and Fees

Playgroup operates during the school term on alternate Wednesdays in conjunction with the annual kindergarten timetable.  The sessions run from 9.30am – 12.00pm. The enrolment fees for Playgroup are as follows:

Annual Resource Levy – $30 to cover the costs of various resources and assists in the maintenance of our grounds and premises.
Annual Membership Fee – $5.50 to enables families to join Holland Park Kindergarten Association and participate in the activities at the centre.  You will need to complete our Membership Application form.
Fortnightly Attendance Fee – $5 (cash) per family to covers the cost of cleaning which is performed at the conclusion of the day by our professional cleaners.  Correct money must be provided as we have no change on the premises.

Priority is given to children commencing Kindergarten the following year. We anticipate that playgroup will cater to approximately 25 families per session. If we have enough families willing to participate we may offer 2 sessions depending on demand.

To keep our playgroup running to the highest standard and keep our fees as low as possible, we ask for your help each week. Everyone should help to setup and pack away. This gives you an opportunity to put out the toys you know your child enjoys.

Dates of attendance

Our 2017 Playgroup dates are as follows:

Term 1
Wednesday, 15 February
Wednesday, 15 March
Wednesday, 29 March
 Term 2
Wednesday, 10 May
Wednesday, 24 May
Wednesday, 7 June
Wednesday, 21 June
Term 3
Wednesday, 19 July
Wednesday, 2 August
Wednesday, 20 August
Wednesday, 13 September
Term 4
Wednesday, 11 October
Wednesday, 25 October
Wednesday, 8 November
Wednesday, 22 November

Playgroup enrolment

An enrolment form together with your family registration form must both be completed prior to commencing playgroup. Your enrolment fee [$30 + $5.50] must be received before you and your child commence playgroup. A new enrolment form must be completed each year and it is your responsibility to ensure we have current contact details and health information about children during the year. An Enrolment Agreement can be electronically submitted through our Playgroup Enrolment Application form.


While in playgroup children have the opportunity to participate in:
CREATIVE PLAY -Art experiences such as painting, cutting, drawing, playdough, etc. All these provide a means of self-expression.
DRAMATIC PLAY – Dress ups, role-playing in the home corner, or with dolls, prams, etc. This kind of play gives the child the opportunity to work out problems and to show feelings and emotions. PHYSICAL PLAY – Outdoor play, climbing, ball play, sand play, digging, tunnel, large building blocks, etc. Success in motor skills leads to self-confidence, and this leads to better performance.
MESSY PLAY -Water, slime, goop, finger painting, etc. They gain sensory experience with the different textures and totally enjoy themselves.

Managing Children’s Behaviour

It is the responsibility of the parent to direct and encourage positive behaviour in their child/ren. If you have a problem with someone else’s child please inform the child’s carer, in a friendly manner, as soon as possible. Upon joining the Playgroup you will be required to adhere to the following Behaviour Management Plan. 

Behaviour Management Plan Policy Statement
The reason for a Behaviour Management Plan is so that everyone has a clear picture of what is expected of them and so that problems that arise can be dealt with in a fair and consistent manner. The intention of this policy is to offer consistent boundaries so that children are safe and that each adult feels comfortable. It is not intended to isolate or make anyone feel inadequate as a parent or caregiver.

  1. Wilful damage to or destroying of toys and play equipment is not acceptable. Teach children to respect equipment and the environment we play in.
  2. When an adult observes misbehaviour in another family’s child, they will inform the child’s carer as soon as possible, step in only to prevent an injury.
  3. If a child hurts other children (hitting, bitting, kicking, pushing, throwing toys or anything that intentionally causes harm) three times within the one playgroup session, it is expected that the parent remove the child and leave for the remainder of the session. This action is important for two reasons: firstly to reinforce to the child the importance of playgroup rules that we must not hurt others and secondly, to prevent injury to other playgroup members.
  4. If children demonstrate such behaviour on two subsequent sessions during the term, then the playgroup Parent Coordinator is to be notified. They will meet with the child’s family to discuss the child’s behaviour and offer some support and find a mutually suitable solution to the behaviour problem.


If you have any concerns about any aspects of our services please address them to the President and Director via email director@hollandparkkindy.com . Your feedback about our service is highly valued. Please feel free to discuss your views with us at any time.