Engaging with children can sometimes be difficult. Here are some topics and converstaion starters that can help you engage with your child and talk about what they have achieved during the kindy day.

 Topics with which you can engage your child about their Kindy day. . Are you able to jump from the fig tree on your own yet?. What did we find in the fairy garden today?

. What happened in the digging patch today? What did we find? Who do we think the eggs belong to?

. Did you play with the little pandas today? \

. What will happen to the pandas if all the bamboo forests are cut down?

. What game did you play inside?

. Were you a firefighter? What did you use for a hose, wheels for a car and a steering wheel?

. Did you have a job today?

. TODAY we are singing Open Shut Them a crazy way and leaning more verses to Eency Weency Spider.

We read Rudra’s book “I am a Firefighter” and also ‘Not a Box’ brainstorming all the things a box could be.