Looking for easy ideas for Easter craft?  The internet is a wonderful source of easy to make craft for even the smallest egg in the family.  Remember to have all craft items set out ready to go before calling the kids over for craft!

PAPER BUNNY CUP Treat Holders is the perfect craft for those with even the shortest of attention spans.

Bunny Finger Puppets
This is a wonderfully easy Easter Craft from one of my favourite blogs, Little Page Turners.  This gorgeous blog marries books with easy to do craft for toddlers to kindy kids.

Egg Hunter’s Mask is not one for the Kindy kids to make, but would be a winning craft to decorate once a grownup has put it together.  Don’t forget to make the easter hunt easy for the younger kids by colour coding the eggs for certain ages.

Easter Art Glittered with Crushed Egg Shells is from another blog with easy craft ideas for kindy kids.  This one uses crushed coloured eggs, glue & paper-how easy is that!!

Fancy feathered friends is the perfect Easter craft for a group of kindy kids to do.  Have a bowl of coloured eggs ready and let the painting begin.

Paint Foil Eggs were the very first Easter craft I attempted with my toddlers and they still love making them 3 Easters later.  Amber Carven from Kids Craft Weekly has very easy craft ideas for all little ones.  From confetti glitter eggs to miniature easter buckets, Amber describes all her craft ideas with easy to follow photos and descriptions.

Transparent Eggs is another craft idea for kids of all ages.  Using stickers, coloured paper, sequins or feathers your little ones can make a beautiful piece of craft in just minutes.

Watercolour Eggs is the perfect craft idea for the paint mad kindy kid.  Try using different sized brushes or foam brushes to enable to child to play with shape and size.

Looking for last minute inspiration for a very easy Easter Bonnet?  Using paper plates, bowls and items easily sourced from craft shops your kindy or prep kid will have a bonnet in no time.

Easter Surprise Eggs.  I left my favourite for last.  I can hardly wait to see the kid’s faces when they find a mini pinata at their place at the table.   This is also the perfect gift idea for kid’s who are allergic to chocolate.  Fill the egg with a small toy or a collection of lollies and they’ll forget all about chocolate as they’re smashing open this homemade version of a kinder surprise.

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